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Michigan Tech Athletics supports the University by providing high quality nationally competitive athletic programs that promote academic excellence and develop leaders. 


Our student-athletes embody our core values: excellence, integrity, loyalty, passion, teamwork, and tradition.


Michigan Tech Athletics is committed to developing leaders; as such we have developed the Leadership Academy for student-athletes in order to achieve specific themes in our strategic plan. They include:

Theme 1 - Academic Excellence

• Provide student-athletes with the resources needed to achieve academic success

• Enhance existing and develop new programming for student-athletes that provides them with the skill sets necessary to be successful in school, athletics and beyond.

Theme 2 - Athletic Excellence

• Position the athletic programs to achieve annual conference, regional and national success.

• Attract and retain student-athletes through competitive scholarships, skill and leadership development, and a life-shaping academic and athletic experience that prepares them for their future. 

Theme 3 - Student-Athlete Well-Being

• Provide a whole person approach for health care and performance for student-athletes that produce positive outcomes for both mind and body.

• Provide educational opportunities to all student-athletes that develop the whole person. Focus on the overall development of well-being, leadership, and realization of potential, through the Leadership Academy, that can be incorporated into their athletic, academic, and professional lives.


Please consider a gift to Michigan Tech Athletics as we prepare our student-athletes for life as Huskies and life in the real world. Thank you!

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