Submit a Project Idea!

Thank you for your interest in crowdfunding! Ideal crowdfunding projects are for tangible, relatable items with a project deadline that reflects a sense of urgency. Projects typically last for 30-60 days. To reach the project goal, it is important to have a strong social network and team to help promote the project. 

Eligible projects benefit Michigan Tech, have a sponsoring department, program, or registered student organization, and have project leaders who are willing to create and market their project.

Applications will be received by Advancement for approval. If you have any questions, please contact us at 906-487-3305 or If your project is approved, you will receive further instructions and we will work with you to create your project.

Please remember that all projects must be carried out. If a project does not meet its goal, the funds raised must be used for a similar version of the project. All funds received will be held in a Michigan Tech Fund account to be requested by the project sponsor after the project completion. 

Tell us about yourself


Tell us about your project

When will you be actively fundraising? When are the funds needed to begin the project?

If so, please describe.

The most successful projects include solicitations to friends, family, and colleagues.

Include methods of communication, key dates, etc.

Videos are an effective way to tell your story.

Photos are important to add to the project page and for social media promotion.


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